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Classification of cosmetic and cosmeceutical products.
Definition of cosmetics as per Indian and EU regulations, Evolution of cosmeceuticals from
cosmetics, cosmetics as quasi and OTC drugs.
Cosmetic excipients: Surfactants, rheology modifiers, humectants, emollients, preservatives.
Classification and application
Skin: Basic structure and function of skin.
Hair: Basic structure of hair. Hair growth cycle. 

Oral Cavity: Common problem associated with teeth and gums.


Principles of formulation and building blocks of skin care products:
Face wash, Moisturizing cream, Cold Cream, Vanishing cream and their advantages and
disadvantages. Application of these products in formulation of cosmeceuticals.
Antiperspirants & deodorants- Actives & mechanism of action.
Principles of formulation and building blocks of Hair care products: Conditioning shampoo,
Hair conditioner, anti-dandruff shampoo. Hair oils.
Chemistry and formulation of para phenylenediamine based hair dye. Principles of formulation
and building blocks of oral care products: Toothpaste for bleeding gums, sensitive teeth. Teeth
whitening, Mouthwash.


Sun protection, Classification of Sunscreens and SPF.
Role of herbs in cosmetics:
Skin Care: Aloe and turmeric.
Hair care: Henna and amla.
Oral care: Neem and clove.
Analytical cosmetics: BIS specification and analytical methods for shampoo, skin-cream and


Principles of Cosmetic Evaluation: Principles of sebumeter, corneometer. Measurement of
TEWL, Skin Colour, Hair tensile strength, Hair combing properties.
Soaps and syndet bars. Evolution and skin benefits.


Oily and dry skin, causes leading to dry skin, skin moisturisation. Basic understanding of the
terms Comedogenic, dermatitis.
Cosmetic problems associated with Hair and scalp: Dandruff, Hair fall causes Cosmetic problems
associated with skin: blemishes, wrinkles, acne, prickly heat and body odour. Antiperspirants and
Deodorants- Actives and mechanism of action


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